Villa Maecenas | What to Expect
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What is a creative retreat and what is like to spend time at Villa Maecenas?

Villa Maecenas hosts 8 -12 guests and offers weekly programs of retreats, workshops, lectures, courses and entertainment. Guest can check the dates of our available retreats on our website then book it online or contact us directly.

Workshops are usually a week long but if guests what to stay longer that can be arranged. Retreats can start on a Saturday or Sunday and the workshops are usually mid-morning and after lunch, leaving the rest of the day for guest to spend whichever way they like.

You will also be encouraged to use your time here to deepen your skills by practising it anywhere/anytime you find yourself inspired. We will provide you with the basic material, but if you want to work with something more specialised, we recommend you to bring your own too. The rest of the day, you may use your time to go swimming, walking, reading, checking out the nearby villages, exploring local markets, watching a movie, etc. The evenings here are usually magical and full of fun. Expect surprise guests, games, live music, dance and dinner under the stars.

Bespoke weeks are designed around your needs. From the time you wake up until the end of the day, the activities you have chosen will suit your own timing ( except meal-time). We recommend bespoke weeks for guests who are in recovery, treating illness or going through stressful or emotionally demanding situations.

Maecenas philosophy is to merge disciplines and offer a holistic break, comprising creative, physical and spiritual activities so that our guests can really make the absolute most of the time with us. Activities within the week’s program are free but also optional:  if you like, you can take up morning yoga, go on silent meditative hikes or join us dancing a little Samba, it is all up to you.

What is not included in the weekly price: Optional treatments ( i.e. not specified in the program), beauty treatments, dinners or lunches outside the retreat, alcohol, specialised workshop materials, airport transfers or taxi rides into town or events.