Villa Maecenas | About Us
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Villa Maecenas is the work of Cleyenne Lazzarotto Miotto and has been created to foster creative collaboration between artistic disciplines and self-healing.

Having started the psychology course at PCU in Curitiba, she left Brazil after a year and on arriving in London, went on to complete a Bachelor of fine arts and multimedia from Central St Martins college. In addition to her academic studies, she also holds a Master Practitioner Certificate in neuro-linguistic programming. She is a regular practitioner of Kriya Yoga and is also a director of an NGO that re-home street dogs in Brazil.

Cleyenne’s vision has been developed over years of research and planning to create a centre that offers a combination of physical, social, spiritual and intellectual stimuli. Her aim is for Villa Maecenas to be a refuge amidst nature that guests can completely unwind, work on their health and spiritual goals, also explore new interests or artistic practices.


Gaius Cilnius Maecenas was an ally, friend and political advisor to Octavian (who was to become the first Emperor of Rome as Caesar Augustus) as well as an important patron for the new generation of Augustan poets, including both Horace and Virgil. During the reign of Augustus, Maecenas served as a quasi-culture minister to the Emperor. His name has become a byword for a wealthy, generous and enlightened patron of the arts.